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Introducing Collaboration and Communication

Creating informative, interactive, intelligent intranets to become vital business tools.

My Page


Similar to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile page, users can upload a photo, write a bio and select their skills and interests. They can use post space to write their own status update or send messages to their colleagues.


This page gives users that feeling of familiarity with social networking platforms, plus not only encourages useage, but can teach others a little more about the colleagues they haven't yet met, or may never meet, but have to communicate with.



Discussion Forums


Similar to blogging, forums are a great collaboration tool for staff to interact with specific topics or start their own.


We've seen them being used for many things including planning a board meeting, promoting an internal, online noticeboard and offering IT support and guidance to others.





Providing the option to like, share and comment on documents, forums, gallery images and profile pages is a huge step into the world of collaboration and communication. Who wouldn't want to see a photo they'd been tagged in?  Or take part in a discussion regarding a topic they felt strongly about?



If you start with the basics, the rest will follow.



The more open and social you allow your Intranet to become, the more engaged your staff will be.

Sociable Tools

We've all seen how social media platforms work. We've seen how successful they have become and how frequently they are accessed. But how can this 'social phenomenon' help within a working environment? Let us fill you in.



Why are intranet's becoming sociable?


Ok, so we’re at work. We’re here to do a job. But what if being open and letting people talk could actually be seen as a benefit. Don’t believe us? Try it.


Companies are slowly learning to let their staff talk. Here at, we encourage it. We found that the more people talk, the more companies get from it. It can actually help your business.


We ran social statistics for one of our clients which showed 16% of all communications on their intranet were regarding personal issues. This left 84% as business issues. The majority of conversations that were started in a generally social way also showed to finish on a business note with questions being asked or processes being discussed.


We help to design intranets where every staff member is made to feel equal. It doesn’t matter what position they are in, they all have a voice and are all encouraged to use it. Every single member of a business is important to running that business and all ideas can potentially help said business to grow.


By enabling collaboration within your organisation you will find not only monetary benefits, but also staff benefits. An intranet can be seen as a staff benefit, because happy, collaborative, social staff, who are made to feel that they are just as important to the running of the company as every other staff member, equals a happy working lifestyle.


One of our clients recently achieved a 77th ranking in the Best Small Companies Times Top 100 award. They are 1 of just 6 companies in the UK to have been in the Top 100 for 6 consective years… now that’s impressive.  And what did this company add to their portfolio 6 years ago? An intranet.


Which brings us to yet another fabulous statistic… 33% of this clients' internal email communication has been reduced with thanks to the social features on their intranet.


100% of their people logged in last year. 100% of their people have logged in this year. Not because they have to, but because they like it. Their intranet is informative, interactive and a vital business tool. And on top of that, it’s sociable.



What features do we suggest to encourage collaboration?


We have worked with a variety of social intranet tools that work alongside business productivity tools. These all work to enable employees to have calculated collaborative discussions which provide productive, effective company engagement.


We test all the intranet tools available to determine which ones best meet individual business needs.  We meet with both company directors and front-line users to teach them how to push the social elements. With the backing of company directors to guarantee the intranet is their business tool of choice, it ensures their intranet will reflect their on-going business strategy.



The more open and social you allow your intranet to become, the more engaged your staff will be and the bigger the benefit to your business.


"The social elements of our intranet are pushed by both directors and front line users. It is a huge talking point across all of our offices and is the route for all business conversations."