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Once you have made the decision to embark on your intranet journey, we will help to ensure your objectives are met and that your intranet will function in the best way to support your business needs.


Supporting you throughout the length of your project, we will provide you with detailed monthly reporting, indepth auditing and evaluation, and provide feedback on performance to ensure continual improvements to your intranet.


We contribute our knowledge, our experience and our support to guarantee your intranet is a success.

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Implementing a Strategy





Audit Content

Create Content





Ongoing Training & Support

Performance Review



Every organisation is different, unique.


You may already have an intranet in place, in which case we will work with you to help you grow your existing intranet's potential. Or perhaps you're considering whether an intranet would benefit your business? Either way, we will strive to ensure your intranet is a successful, engaging, collaborative business tool.


We aim to help you:


Identify the practical implications and the necessity to your company of introducing an intranet

Discover the purpose of an intranet for your organisation

Determine how an intranet could enhance your business

Find a solution to improve your business processes and internal communication

Establish how to stay ahead of your competition

We work to ensure your intranet is a successful, engaging, collaborative business tool.

Creating informative, interactive, intelligent intranets to become vital business tools.

After selecting the right software, our team offer a range of consultancy services to help you through each stage of your project to include,

but not limited to:

"Because we tie the intranet into our business strategy, executives are keen to be seen as enablers rather than impediments. We reiterate to all our users that it’s having insight which is more important than being digitally fluent."