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01 October 2013 | Interact Intranet

The winners of the 2013 Intranet Excellence Awards were announced last Tuesday during an exciting awards ceremony. The Interact Intranet Excellence Awards is the annual awards ceremony that celebrates the hard work...


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14 May 2013 | Interact Intranet

Business Environment has utilised social tools to encourage people to use their intranet and be comfortable with sharing knowledge. This has resulted in a phenomenal 100% user adoption and a balance of 86% business conversation against 14% social...


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01 October 2013 | Intranet Conference

Jo took to the stage to give insight into why their intranet became heavily featured in this year’s Nielson Norman Group Report on Social Features on Intranets and how it has helped them achieve 36th place in Best Small Companies Times Top 100 Awards...


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24 September 2013 | SlideShare

Interaction 2013 - Customer Workshop - Jo Vass - 'The Lounge' Intranet. Jo’s approach with ‘The Lounge’ has transformed the way the intranet industry understands engagement resulting in them winning Interact’s Best Social Intranet 2012...



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16 September 2013 | Interaction

Jo’s approach with ‘The Lounge’ has transformed the way the intranet industry understands engagement resulting in them winning Interact’s Best Social Intranet 2012, featuring in NNG’s Enterprise 2.0 2013 report and as a finalist in the Ragan Awards...



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18 June 2013 | SlideShare

Social Intranet Success Stories: When you visit a Business Environment office, you notice how many conversations are driven by features and conversations from The Lounge...


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22 May 2013 | Interact Intranet

Serviced office firm Business Environment surpassed McKinsey’s estimates and discuss their path to 98 per cent employee participation and vastly increased productivity in March’s Nielsen Norman Group Social Intranets Enterprise 2.0 report...


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10 May 2013 | Ragan Communications, Inc.

The work in this year’s program was just as innovative and inspiring as we had hoped! This year’s entries proved that internal communicators are continuing to find creative and interesting ways to inform and engage their employees...


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10 April 2013 | Ragan Communications, Inc.

Internal newsletters, annual reports, intranets, and employee publications are staples of internal communications. But they don't have to be boring! The entries in Ragan Communications' 2012 Employee Communications Awards have certainly shown that...


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19 March 2013 | The Daily Telegraph

How many times have you overheard a conversation in your office and taken positive action as a result? Imagine accessing all the conversations in your company and filtering the ones relevant to you. Consider the time saved and reduction in duplicated effort...


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05 March 2013 | Nielsen Norman Group

Look beyond the hype and learn what works in real life. This 217-page report with 106 full-color screenshots presents best practices for designing social features for intranets, including blogs, news feeds, wikis, social networks, tagging and social bookmarking...



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06 February 2013 | MWD Advisors

This report examines serviced offices provider Business Environment's use of Interact Intranet to create a collaboration and information sharing intranet service for employees of the company and its affiliates...


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22 January 2013 | Interact Intranet

Demystifying Social Intranets: Good Social Practice is Not a Walled Garden. Now I want to look at practical examples of how social intranets work and what the benefits look like in real situations. Before we do here’s an example of what social is not...


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08 January 2013 | Intranet Benchmarking Forum

We were looking to showcase sites which demonstrate the aesthetic as well as practical appeal of social intranets by combining effective adoption with a compelling user experience...


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