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18 May 2016 |

Buen viaje Amy: A fond farewell to Amy, our former Intranet Administrator, as she bids adiós to the UK and hola to South America.


27 August 2016 |

Welcome to our new look website: It's been busy in the land of intranets, but we've managed to squeeze in a well-deserved website refresh. Check back shortly for details of our new social media sites.



11 November 2016 | Interact Intranet

Healthcare organisations are facing rising patient demand and strained resources. It's never been more important for clinical and administrative staff to communicate and collaborate effectively to deliver better quality care.


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01 September 2016 | BE Offices

BE Offices launch their new intranet reward scheme: Welcome to GEM. The new peer-to-peer reward scheme. More attractive incentives, more reward options. Using the service success chain, we recognise employees who ‘Go the Extra Mile’.


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27 August 2016 |

Social media fever: We're live! Take a look at our new Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you have any topics you'd like us to discuss, please send us an email, tweet or post. We look forward to hearing from you.