Let's get digital

The digital workplace

What is a digital workplace?

Imagine an office space where employees work together. It's open plan, so people can communicate more easily. They talk to one another. They can arrange meetings, and pass documents around their team members.

But what if these employees work from home? What if the organisation is dispersed? What if time zones affect even the quickest phone call?

A digital workplace is an online office space where employees work together. It's open 24/7 - 365 days a year. All employees can collaborate and communicate with one another. They can get work done without needing to be sitting in the same location. They can talk, share documents, book meetings. Even face to face meetings can be achieved by using video conferencing. Need a document on the move? Use a smart phone. Or tablet, laptop, MacBook. Teams can be set up, and instant messaging to alleviate the number of emails passed around, and create an environment where employees feel valued. Other solutions can also be found, all in one place. You could book your holiday, log your sickness, find a policy, create a support ticket, manage your expenses, ask a question.

A digital workplace is the future. But it's starting now. Would you like us to show you?