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Best Social Intranet

Interaction Awards 2012


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MWD Advisors 2012


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Best Social Intranet

Ragan’s Employee Communication Awards 2012


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Social Features on Intranets Enterprise 2.0

Nielson Normal Group Report 2013


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Best Intranet Brand

Interaction Awards 2013


Runner Up:

Essential Company Intranet

Interaction Awards 2013

Award Winning Consultancy

This course is for top level users (power/super users) and looks at how to manage your intranet. We will teach you how to formulate homepages, add users and groups, set security permissions and content area/page customisation.

Intranet Management: Stage 1

Learn how to add pages, manage the pages you’ve added, manage left-hand menus and content areas, amend homepages and administer staff. We will also advise on the best course of action to encourage employee engagement and to show the benefits of collaboration.

Content Manager: Stage 1

This training covers any new tools available and how to run intranet reports and audits. We look to see how your intranet is performing and offer advice and guidance on user adoption. We look deeper into staff roles and how your intranet can further support individuals, as well as teams. We also touch on governance, collaboration tips and offer advice on creating an intranet communications plan to encourage usage if applicable.

Intranet Manager: Stage 2

Our webinars cover any new features, hints and tips from the intranet world, and any challenges you are facing. We also cover engagement, collaboration advice and governance. Dates and times of our webinars will be posted on our website and all clients will receive a personal invitation via email.


We also offer courses for administration, and different levels of publishing. Bespoke training packages are available on request.


Intranet Managers would benefit from attending all available courses and webinars.


We train our team to the highest level to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from using our services.


Training & Support

At we are constantly looking for new ideas, new designs and new concepts for our clients.


We train our team to the highest level to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from using our services.


All of our team members are individually trained by Jo Vass, the founder of the company, who has worked in the industry for many years. Our work ethic is to ensure every client gets the best treatment, the best service and the best experience from our team.  


We offer different levels of training depending on the role of the participant. We are also able to deliver bespoke training, and provide ongoing training via online webinars and videos.


Our courses include:

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"We now have a culture where people feel anything can be solved through knowledge sharing. We think of problems in terms of potential solutions rather than obstacles and the more solutions we have available, the more creative our company becomes in solving the next one."